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The not so hard and fast rules of parenting

When you are parenting your children there are no rules that you can follow. You are the one who has to come up with ways to raise your child to be a good person. Many people rely on some general parenting tips, but it is evident that this can only be achieved by suing unique methods which are determined by the age, gender, and attitude of the children.

The gender of your child is a great determinant of how you will parent your kids. If you have children of both sexes then the approach should be different for each. They differ in terms of attitude, mindset and thoughts. Instead of trying a general approach to parenting your children, it is advisable that you do this in the manner stated above.

Although the gender is the most crucial determinant of the parenting approach, the age of the children also plays an important role. Here are some challenges that you will face when parenting your children, especially when it comes to gender.

The interests of boys and girls are very different making parenting them a very difficult task. A boy will want to play with a ball while a girl will prefer a doll. The age of the children also features as a challenge and their mindsets also differ.

Give the above challenges it is not wise to implement the same parenting techniques on sons and daughters. You may have succeeded in one technique for your six-year-old son, but it will not work for your daughter when she reaches the same age.

Getting your children to agree on which physical activities you can get into will be difficult since they all have a different preference. As a wise parent you should place their needs in different categories, thereby allowing your son to choose his activities and you daughter will pick hers.

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