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Skin to skin contact said to cut premature birth deaths

Premature birth death and disability rates could be cut significantly across the globe simply by mothers carrying their babies’ skin-to-skin according to a leader expert in premature care. Professor Joy Lawn stated that skin to skin contact, also known as kangaroo care, is the key to helping a premature baby grow instead of expensive intensive treatment.

Every year an estimated 15 million babies around the globe are

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Amniotic fluid can cure viral gut disease in premature babies

The key to healing a particularly viral gut disease which has been fatal to premature babies has been found in amniotic fluid, say doctors who studied the topic. Because of severe inflammation called necrotising enterocolitis, what is typically a normal bodily function can turn deadly and destroy tissues in the gut, leading to organ failure.

Now early tests in animals show that stem cells inside amniotic fluid

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New research into preventing premature births yields positive results

Scientists from Sheffield University have made a new discovery that may help prevent premature births from occurring in the future. Dr. Neil Chapman was the leader of the research team at the medical school and helped to isolate key genes that might cause premature birth to start too early because of inflammation of the womb. He found that these genes get ‘turned off’ incorrectly when the

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The Incubator – New Channel 4 Series on premature babies, starts Friday

As part of the First Cut strand, showcasing, bold, bright and original documentaries by up-and-coming film-makers, Lucy Morgan directs The Incubator a film that sensitively considers the story of children born too early to survive outside an incubator. For the 50,000 children who are born prematurely each year, the incubator provides them with a chance of survival. With unique access to a neonatal intensive care ward,

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