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Saving money on your energy bills all year round

Nobody likes receiving their energy bills, but the ones after the winter quarter are the most dreaded. Even if you are on a fixed monthly amount, with the arrival of spring too many of find that our payments are going up due to keeping both our homes and our families warm through the winter months. With the recent news that energy prices are once again rising, many parents will be worried sick about the financial implications of having their heating on through the cold months ahead.

What many still don’t realise however, despite numerous reminders in the press and media, is how much energy we are still wasting through silly behaviour. While we cannot control the price of energy itself, we are solely in charge of what we use and, most importantly, what we waste.

Now many of you will now be saying to yourself that you don’t leave things on standby, and have showers instead of bath, but chances are there are other things you will do without even thinking about it.

E.ON customers now have a brilliant tool at their disposal called the E.ON Saving Energy Toolkit which is a major player in their new energy saving campaign. They want to get the message across once and for all that instead of complaining about their bills customers should take responsibility for their usage. To make use of this facility you have to be an E.ON customer with an online account, and if you haven’t got one then it couldn’t be easier to set one up.

You simply head to and follow the prompts to register for an online account. All you need is your name and account number etc and then you can log in freely at any time with your user name and password. One of the most useful parts of this tool kit is the price comparison feature which allows you to see what you should be spending compared to what you are and pointing you in the right direction as to how to lower those bills. You can even compare your own figures against those of similar households – allowing you to see how you measure up on a wider scale.

Parents should be able to keep their family warm, happy and healthy through the winter but the harsh fact is that due to their own behaviour they are making it hard on themselves. E.ON is committed to saving their customers energy where they can, and this latest campaign is just the latest in their ongoing battle to helping people save money. As energy bills are many households biggest regular expense, yet the easiest to save money on, the tips and hints on the website are a godsend and will make you a lot happier when you put your heating on.

If you are an E.ON customer you may well be wasting money sitting here reading this, so get yourself to the website now, log in or register, and start your new energy saving habits today. Even if you think you are doing everything right the energy comparison tool will tell you if you aren’t, and you have nothing to lose by checking it out, and everything to gain.

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