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Heart health for kids

The British Heart Foundation estimates that at least a third of the UK’s population aged 11 to 15 years is overweight or obese.

The implications are alarming, to say the least. Based on other studies along the same lines, about 80% of that group will be obese by the time they reach adulthood, and subject to all the health problems related to that condition, including heart disease.


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UK shops rationing powdered milk sales

UK shops are starting to see a need to ration sales of powdered baby milk in recent weeks, all because of an apparent surge in demand from China for baby milk made abroad. Danone is the manufacturer of Cow, Gate and Aptamil powder products and they said that retailers were now placing a limit of two per client in order to prevent individuals from buying baby

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Preventing ADHD is better than trying to cure it

Preschoolers are often diagnosed as possibly developing attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) yet there are things that can be done to help prevent such a problem, like parent behaviour training. It is a well studied element that can greatly affect young minds. These programs are set in order to promote a better relationship between parents and kids, and can bring effective change in discipline and consequences.

These techniques usually

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Amniotic fluid can cure viral gut disease in premature babies

The key to healing a particularly viral gut disease which has been fatal to premature babies has been found in amniotic fluid, say doctors who studied the topic. Because of severe inflammation called necrotising enterocolitis, what is typically a normal bodily function can turn deadly and destroy tissues in the gut, leading to organ failure.

Now early tests in animals show that stem cells inside amniotic fluid

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New research into preventing premature births yields positive results

Scientists from Sheffield University have made a new discovery that may help prevent premature births from occurring in the future. Dr. Neil Chapman was the leader of the research team at the medical school and helped to isolate key genes that might cause premature birth to start too early because of inflammation of the womb. He found that these genes get ‘turned off’ incorrectly when the

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Couples putting off families to get onto the property ladder

It would appear that the old term ‘population explosion’ won’t be applying to the UK in the near future. According to last week’s report from Rightmove, a large segment of the young married population is being forced to put plans for a family on hold because they simply won’t have room to grow.

Those couples who managed to get a foot on the bottom of the housing

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Baby born with HIV appears to have been cured

In the US, a baby girl born with HIV seems to have been completely cured following early treatment using standard drug therapy. Doctors say that the child from Mississippi who is now aged two-and-a-half has been on and off treatment for almost a year now and shows no sign of infection.

More research needs to be carried out to ascertain the fact that if treatment is rendered

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Research done into earlier diagnosis of autism

In order to improve the way that they currently treat autism, researchers are taking a closer look at symptoms of that may signal a child has autism from as young as six months old. The hope is that by identifying autism while a child is still an infant they can be more effectively helped via constructive development and parenting.

b Yale School of Medicine’s Child Study Centre

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Breast or bottle, the debate rumbles on

It is a common fact that breastfeeding is the healthiest choice for a new child. Headlines every day proclaim that breast feeding helps reduce the infant mortality rate; helps decrease the risk of ovarian cancer, and can even help the mother burn calories.

However, despite the fact that pop culture supports breastfeeding right now there are some advocates that speak against the benefits of breastfeeding and one

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Brain scans on foetuses planned by scientists

Scientists plan to scan the brains of over 1,500 foetuses and babies in order to take a closer look at how the brain of a child develops inside of the womb. The scientists believe that wiring problems between different areas of the brain during development may be the cause of many attention disorders as well as possibly autism.

In order to scan the brains, scientists will be

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