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Has Harry revealed the sex of the Royal baby?

The smart bet so far has been on the rumour that Kate and William are having a girl, but the Sunday People has stated that Prince Harry is telling people that are close to him that they are going to have a boy. The Prince is said to be very excited about being an uncle and could not keep the secret of the child’s sex.

The Duchess of Cambridge and The Duke have kept mum so far about the sex of the child which is due in the middle of July, but Harry appears to be having a tough time keeping his lips sealed. A source stated that Harry is telling everyone that he will soon have a little nephew and is having a tough time keeping it to himself.

According to the source, the entire family is excited about the boy and Kate actually was hoping to have a little boy. The source added that they have considered many baby names but they believe that they have finally chosen the right one. Even Harry allegedly does not know the name they have chosen however so it may be some time before anyone does.

The source also revealed that everyone in their inner circle also knows that it will be a boy and have been purchasing gifts that all have a boy theme. Officially, the Royal couple has refused to publicly acknowledge what the gender of the child will be.

At seven months now, Kate had a slip of a tongue that they seemed to point more to a girl than a boy. However, she bought a Bugaboo pram just a few days afterwards in the colour blue which seemed like an indication to many that she is going to have a boy.

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