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World Infant mortality rates

The infant mortality rate is a demographic indicator that indicates the number of child deaths in a population of every thousand live births registered during the first year of its life.  Although the infant mortality rate is measured on children under 1 year, it is also measured sometimes in children under 5 years.

Consideration of the first year to establish the child mortality indicator is that the

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New SIDs blood test

Researchers at Strasbourg University Hospital may have discovered an important new means of identifying babies at risk of SIDS with just a single blood test.  They believe that determining the level of acetylcholine in a baby’s blood could be a key factor in calculating the likelihood of SIDS and possibly in preventing its occurrence.

Acetylcholine is a chemical substance, produced by the cardiac nerve that controls

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Low serotonin levels may cause cot death

Research conducted at Harvard Medical School suggests that babies with a low level of serotonin are more likely to suffer ‘cot death’, or sudden infant death (SIDS).

Findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that babies who died of cot death had a level of serotonin in their brain tissue that was about 26% lower than that found in babies whose

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Evidence that smoking mothers related to cot deaths

Experts now believe that the reason that exposure to smoke can increase the risk of cot death in babies is because baby’s that inhale smoke via the mother during pregnancy often suffer damage to their body’s natural ability to control blood pressure.

At the moment, mother’s that smoke have the highest risk rate for losing a child to cot death.

A research team from the Karolinksa Institute in

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Sleeping with baby’s can cause cot death

A new report released today points to alcohol and drugs as the reason why more than half of all cot deaths may result from a baby sleeping with a parent on a sofa, or in a bed.

The report outlined the fact that most of the cot deaths on a sofa or shared bed, result from a parent who used drugs or consumed alcohol, before going to

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