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Has Harry revealed the sex of the Royal baby?

The smart bet so far has been on the rumour that Kate and William are having a girl, but the Sunday People has stated that Prince Harry is telling people that are close to him that they are going to have a boy. The Prince is said to be very excited about being an uncle and could not keep the secret of the child’s sex.

The Duchess

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A blooming Kate spotted out shopping

Some new photographs came out of London this week when the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at Chelsea on Kings Road. Kate Middleton was apparently shopping at one of her favourite destinations. From the photos that resulted of this encounter, we can see that the 31 year-old mother now features a visible baby bump, and is probably shopping around for maternity wear. People magazine also reports

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Prince Charles against changes made to Royal succession

An announcement by the ministers of the government regarding royal succession to the throne and the bar on the Royals from marrying a Roman Catholic has invited scepticism from Prince Charles. The ministers announced that the regime which gave priority to the male heirs in succession to the throne and also, which prohibits a Royal from marrying a Roman Catholic will be amended to suit the

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