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Brits have a lot more freedom over their children’s names than in other countries

Children’s names have been making the news lately, as parents are getting more and more original every day. However, while some celebrities may think that names like Apple, Fifi, and Brooklyn are original there are some everyday parents that are a lot more inventive, or crazy depending on which side of the spectrum you sit on.

In Iceland a 15 year old girl has just legally won

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Traditional baby names stay at the top for 2012

The most conventional baby names are the top ones in the top 20 list of baby names. A renowned baby-naming website has collected some statistics and has found that traditional names like Ethan and Ella are the ones dominating the list of newborn baby names.

The website, has revealed that vintage boys’ names like Jack, Charlie and Oliver are most favoured by the parents, while Alice,

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Top British celebrity baby names of 2012

British celebrity baby names top the list of the best baby names for the year 2012, a survey conducted on pregnant women by the BabyCentre recently revealed. Heading the list of the best baby names is Hollie Rose, which belongs to the baby girl of Amanda Holden. It was followed by the daughter of Robbie Williams, Theodora Rose and then Una Healy’s girl, Aoife Belle. The

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Naming your baby

Other than giving life to your baby, giving it a name is going to be one of the most important processes that you go through. The name is something that is going to stick with them through their entire life, so it is very important that you carefully make the decision.

One of the most important things you’re going to have to consider is whether to go

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Personalise your christening invitations at

Christening invitations are a wonderful way to make your child’s christening a really personal event. The company, Frame My Name, have just added a range of new cards to their website which can be customised for christenings.

The cards can actually be customised for any events, but it is likely that parents who want a personalised christening are going to buy these and send them out to

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One of a parents most important tasks is naming their baby

Naming your baby is one of the most important decisions you will make. It can be a lot of fun choosing a baby’s name but it can also be hard work. It is the responsibility of both parents and you must come to a choice that you both agree on and also that you think the child will be happy with as they grow older.

The choices

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Why talking to your baby is vital from day one

Early development of the child is very important and the first few months of a child’s life should not be underestimated in their importance for the rest of the child’s life. Parents should make a good amount of effort to expose their children to new opportunities when they are between three and five months old.

One of the most beneficial things that parents can do is encourage

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One in ten parents regret child’s name is a website which allows parents to buy a web address in the name of their child. The website has conducted a survey that is found nearly 10% of parents later regret the name that they have chosen for their baby. Half of those who regret the name choice and said they chose the name because it was in fashion at the time.

The survey involved

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New unique baby name website has great ideas

A new website that allows parents and family members to buy their baby’s domain name has launched this week. The website allows parents to create an online scrapbook for their child, which can be updated every day for the rest of their childhood to allow family members and friends to track the child’s progress.

A unique new gift website has launched this week, allowing parents to

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Jack is most popular baby name again

Jack has secured the title of the most popular boys name for the 15th year in a row, making it the most popular names of the decade as well.  For girls, Olivia topped the list of 2009 girl’s names earning the title for two years in a row after it beat out Grace in 2008.

The name Lucas continued to make wide strides up the popularity chart,

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