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A look at the Pregnancy Miracle Guidebook

If you are having trouble getting pregnant then you should consider looking at the Pregnancy Miracle Guidebook, which is one of the many guidebooks available on the Internet for helping women become fertile and have a healthy baby. It is well known that having a baby brings a great deal of happiness to women but unfortunately there are many problems that can prevent this from happening.


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New figures reveal the amount of discarded embryos during IVF treatment

With the renewed interest in IVF pregnancies, some people are not aware of some of the problems with this type of assisted birth. Official figures from the Health Ministry indicate that 32 embryos are created for every live birth. This means that many embryos are discarded during treatment; close to 1.5 million embryos suffered this fate in the last twenty years.

If these figures are compared to

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IVF treatment can have serious health issues

Many studies have been conducted researching the safety of IVF treatment. In 2002, an Australian survey reported birth defects in babies from IVF treatment had a two fold increase. Two years later a different study showed a near 30 per cent increase in such defects. In 2009 a recent study has lead to the UK government issuing a health alert.

The United States Centre for Disease Control

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Many women are ‘too’ so they can’t get IVF on NHS

Women who have had trouble conceiving naturally are getting denied IVF on the NHS as they are too young, too fat, too old, live in Wales or smoke. All of which are flagrant breaches of guidelines.

Revealed today around the country were the arbitrary nature  NHS fertility clinics have placed restrictions which show that over 70%  of the primary care trusts ignore guidance from NICE, the National

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Women very prepared to donate eggs

According to a new study for a Bristol hospital, 71% of women would be prepared to donate eggs to help a childless couple to conceive. The survey was held for the Bristol Centre for Reproductive medicine, which is located in the Southmead Hospital.

Yet despite these results, there are still over 50 couples sitting on the waiting list for egg donations, and it can take 2-3

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Nobel Prize awarded to IVF creator

Robert Edwards, the British scientist who might arguably be called “the father of in-vitro fertilisation” has been awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in the category of physiology or medicine. The ceremony took place today, October 4, at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, where the Nobel Assembly presented the 10m Swedish kroner award for Edwards’s ground-breaking work in the field of IVF.

Born in Manchester in 1925,

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IVF fertility tourism code of practice

A global survey that took a look at fertility treatments in over 100 countries has found that there are a wide variety of laws that are focused on IVF treatments, which has helped the growth of what is now known as ‘fertility tourism.’

Every year it is estimated that around 10,000 people head across the borders to seek out fertility treatments because the cost within their home

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Brits head to Spain for anonymous egg donation

Fertility treatment waiting lists that utilize egg donations have increased in the UK since laws were changed that prohibit women from donating eggs on an anonymous basis.

Research shows that the shortage in egg donation is now the major reason that couples choose to head abroad for fertility treatment with almost half of all of those who do so from Britain heading to Spain for treatment, where

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Many see IVF on the NHS as a right

Women over forty may now be able to seek IVF treatments on the NHS; the organization has taken this decision in order to avoid being sued for ‘age discrimination’ according to new reports.

There is a difference between procedures that are life enhancing and those that are life saving, which most parents seemed to recognize until recently, but now the greedy IVF industry has turned parents into

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IVF malformation warnings

Doctors have warned that couples that want to have children through IVF should be aware of the small risk of malformation in the child.

French scientists looked over the records of about 15,000 children that were born at 33 different fertility centres, and found about four percent of them had a congenital malformation.

Yet, the geneticists compared these findings to the findings of the European Society of Human

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