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A look at the Pregnancy Miracle Guidebook

If you are having trouble getting pregnant then you should consider looking at the Pregnancy Miracle Guidebook, which is one of the many guidebooks available on the Internet for helping women become fertile and have a healthy baby. It is well known that having a baby brings a great deal of happiness to women but unfortunately there are many problems that can prevent this from happening.


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Women’s blood type may restrict fertility

A recent study has disclosed that a woman’s capacity to conceive during middle age could be affected by blood type.  A U.S. study involving around 600 women determined that a large percentage of the women having type “O” blood possessed chemical indicators of low egg production.  No reason for such a correlation could be determined.

All women have a set number of eggs, which is referred to

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For those who are in same sex relationships or single, or those who are simply in mixed-sex couples and are infertile, tying to have a child can be frustrating and discouraging.  In order to avoid embarrassment, many people turn to fertility clinics for aid where they must face expensive private clinic fees or get on the extensive waiting list of the NHS.

As if this is not

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Viagra for female fertility?

Some surprising discoveries have been made about the properties and potential uses of different drugs available to the medical profession today, but some are a little more momentous than others.

In the case of Kerry Horan, it was the conception and birth of a healthy child after years of failed attempts.  The drug used in her case was Viagra, commonly known as an erectile dysfunction medication exclusively

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Are there hidden problems with ICSI?

There is much ongoing controversy about the relative advantages and perils of ICSI, or Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. A recent study carried out at the Institute of Child Health in London seems to confirm one of the perils.

Children conceived through ICSI are more likely to have a fertility problem, which is the problem that ICSI was meant to solve in the first place.

The procedure involves injecting

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Is there now a way for everyone to have a baby?

It seems as if anyone can have a child so long as they have enough money, which seems to be turning society to a baby grabbing frenzy.  Regardless of age, even if you are a woman that is over sixty, you can now have a child thanks to the billion dollar IVF industry.

Single and gay people can now hope to have a child due to the

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Women have used 88% of their eggs by 30

Scientists have defined the reason that women have a harder time conceiving later in life, apparently once they reach the age of 30 they have already used around 90% of their ‘ovarian reserve.’

Although most women will continue to menstruate and produce eggs during their 30’s and 40’s, the reservoir of eggs has decreased substantially according to the study completed by Edinburgh University and the University

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Baby’s more important than a good relationship for many.

New research from Vitabonics Prengacare Conception suggests that waiting to have a child can lead to a marriage dissolving because some men and women are more focused on locating a fertile partner than finding a partner for love.

A new trend referred to as the ‘breeder relationship’ is becoming more popular as women are waiting longer to have families.  Those who fall into this category often get

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Researchers grow eggs and sperm

Researchers have been able to turn stem cells from humans into sperm and egg cells, which have allowed doctors a precious insight into what causes infertility.

New research studies allow scientists to look at how human reproductive cells are developed, from the moment that they first begin embryos on into the time when they become mature eggs and sperm.

Once scientists are able to fully understand

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Womb transplants tantalizingly close

British doctors claim that they are close to succeeding with the first ever womb transplant, but the question remains how desirable the procedure would actually be.

This is not the first time that a doctor has claimed a womb transplant is possible, but it is the first time that a doctor has announced they have found a solution to securing the blood supply required.

London Hammersmith Hospital doctor

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