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Reese Witherspoon loses friends due to post baby memory loss

Reese Witherspoon is said to be slowly losing friendships as a result of the memory loss that she suffered after she had her youngest child. The actress has two children, Deacon and Ava, from ex-husband Ryan Phillippe and last year she welcomed another child named Tennessee with her current husband Jim Toth.

The 37 year old admitted that it can be hard to keep up with three

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Illegal nanny held over the death of the child in her care

Aisling McCarthy Brady was living in the US illegally and working as a nanny. She is now charged with the death of the child she was entrusted with. The little girl, who was one year-old, suffered head injuries that were consistent with inflicted head trauma.

The little girl, Rehma Sabir, lived for two days in ICU, but eventually succumbed to the brain damage. Ms Brady was held

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Anxious mums may be influencing their babies’ ability to feel pain

A study made in London indicates that babies born to new mothers tend to feel more pain compared to those who were born to experienced ones. The empathy that these mothers feel during their babies’ first vaccination has a direct effect to the feelings of these infants, according to Doctor Nadja Reissland, a psychologist from Durham University.

They tend to think of the pain that their child

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researchers recommend “tough-love parenting” be replaced with “child attachment parenting”

Researchers urge parents to desert the common parenting method known as “cry it out”, the over-structuring of the leisure time of their children and letting car seats, strollers and technology do the baby sitting as all that have produced undesirable American youth according to their study.

The researchers presented the outcome of their study at the University of Notre Dame’s Centre for Children and Families during a

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Research shows the average family spends Christmas day arguing

New research from Travelodge explains that Christmas is not all about goodwill and peace to all according to a survey it launched. Instead it found that the average British family will engage in at least five arguments throughout the day with the very first one taking place roughly around 10:00 on Christmas morning.

In an effort to find out how the modern British family celebrates Christmas Day

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