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Skin to skin contact said to cut premature birth deaths

Premature birth death and disability rates could be cut significantly across the globe simply by mothers carrying their babies’ skin-to-skin according to a leader expert in premature care. Professor Joy Lawn stated that skin to skin contact, also known as kangaroo care, is the key to helping a premature baby grow instead of expensive intensive treatment.

Every year an estimated 15 million babies around the globe are

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Deaths of premature babies can be avoided with correct procedures

Over 20 million babies are born prematurely, every year, and others have a low birth weight. About 450 of these die every hour. By simply keeping the babies warm, most of these deaths can be avoided. Jayalakshmi Devi said that her baby can only whimper, when other babies can be heard screaming from across the hallway.

She says this outside the ICU where her son is kept

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Amniotic fluid can cure viral gut disease in premature babies

The key to healing a particularly viral gut disease which has been fatal to premature babies has been found in amniotic fluid, say doctors who studied the topic. Because of severe inflammation called necrotising enterocolitis, what is typically a normal bodily function can turn deadly and destroy tissues in the gut, leading to organ failure.

Now early tests in animals show that stem cells inside amniotic fluid

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New research into preventing premature births yields positive results

Scientists from Sheffield University have made a new discovery that may help prevent premature births from occurring in the future. Dr. Neil Chapman was the leader of the research team at the medical school and helped to isolate key genes that might cause premature birth to start too early because of inflammation of the womb. He found that these genes get ‘turned off’ incorrectly when the

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Baby born with HIV appears to have been cured

In the US, a baby girl born with HIV seems to have been completely cured following early treatment using standard drug therapy. Doctors say that the child from Mississippi who is now aged two-and-a-half has been on and off treatment for almost a year now and shows no sign of infection.

More research needs to be carried out to ascertain the fact that if treatment is rendered

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Exposure to pollen during pregnancy can result in having asthmatic babies

Pregnant women that are exposed to pollen prior to labour are more likely to have children that suffer from severe asthma was a concerning headline that ran in many papers this week.

The news is based on a large study that took place in Sweden that was designed to narrow down the relationship between the few months of a child’s life and their exposure to pregnancy while

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Pregnant women with epilepsy are not being given vital information regarding their healthcare

According to the latest survey by Epilepsy Action, women who suffer from epilepsy are not being given the vital information they need regarding pregnancy, conception and contraception. This ultimately means that they aren’t able to make informed decisions regarding their care and treatment both before and during their pregnancy. All women with epilepsy who fall pregnant are classed as high risk with around 2400 babies being

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Mum and her twins have a lucky escape due to a premature delivery

Angela Cottam, a 32-year-old primary school teacher from Flintshire, Wales came close to death during the birth of twin daughters, who also had a narrow escape. Mrs. Cottam was in her 31st week of pregnancy with the twins when she was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, which manifests as high blood pressure and protein in the urine.

Pre-eclampsia is not highly unusual during pregnancy from about the 20th week,

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Doctor calls for improvement in care for newborns

There are fears growing across the West Midlands region that newborn babies may not be safe as a result of uncoordinated care. Consultant for the area, Dr. Alison Bedford-Russell, stated that she had been attempting to organize neonatal and maternity services for years.

Dr. Bedford-Russell has written to the coroner in the South Shropshire region after the death of newborn Kate Stanton-Davies who lived for only six

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Planning for the arrival of a new baby

It’s certainly the best news for the couples to have a beautiful and cute baby in their life. With the news of the baby’s impending arrival, everyone in the family starts preparing for the day; they buy teeny tiny clothes, feeders, dietary products, cradles, toys, and many other items for the couple.

Daddy will probably be decorating the room and adding a cot, toys and other bits

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