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Has Harry revealed the sex of the Royal baby?

The smart bet so far has been on the rumour that Kate and William are having a girl, but the Sunday People has stated that Prince Harry is telling people that are close to him that they are going to have a boy. The Prince is said to be very excited about being an uncle and could not keep the secret of the child’s sex.

The Duchess

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Reese Witherspoon loses friends due to post baby memory loss

Reese Witherspoon is said to be slowly losing friendships as a result of the memory loss that she suffered after she had her youngest child. The actress has two children, Deacon and Ava, from ex-husband Ryan Phillippe and last year she welcomed another child named Tennessee with her current husband Jim Toth.

The 37 year old admitted that it can be hard to keep up with three

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A blooming Kate spotted out shopping

Some new photographs came out of London this week when the Duchess of Cambridge was spotted at Chelsea on Kings Road. Kate Middleton was apparently shopping at one of her favourite destinations. From the photos that resulted of this encounter, we can see that the 31 year-old mother now features a visible baby bump, and is probably shopping around for maternity wear. People magazine also reports

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Brits have a lot more freedom over their children’s names than in other countries

Children’s names have been making the news lately, as parents are getting more and more original every day. However, while some celebrities may think that names like Apple, Fifi, and Brooklyn are original there are some everyday parents that are a lot more inventive, or crazy depending on which side of the spectrum you sit on.

In Iceland a 15 year old girl has just legally won

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Traditional baby names stay at the top for 2012

The most conventional baby names are the top ones in the top 20 list of baby names. A renowned baby-naming website has collected some statistics and has found that traditional names like Ethan and Ella are the ones dominating the list of newborn baby names.

The website, has revealed that vintage boys’ names like Jack, Charlie and Oliver are most favoured by the parents, while Alice,

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Top British celebrity baby names of 2012

British celebrity baby names top the list of the best baby names for the year 2012, a survey conducted on pregnant women by the BabyCentre recently revealed. Heading the list of the best baby names is Hollie Rose, which belongs to the baby girl of Amanda Holden. It was followed by the daughter of Robbie Williams, Theodora Rose and then Una Healy’s girl, Aoife Belle. The

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Prince Charles against changes made to Royal succession

An announcement by the ministers of the government regarding royal succession to the throne and the bar on the Royals from marrying a Roman Catholic has invited scepticism from Prince Charles. The ministers announced that the regime which gave priority to the male heirs in succession to the throne and also, which prohibits a Royal from marrying a Roman Catholic will be amended to suit the

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Petra Ecclestone can hide her pregnancy no longer

After weeks of people wondering and plenty of baggy tops, Petra Ecclestone is finally ready to announce that she is five months pregnant. She was seen this week shopping at a baby store and in a shirt that revealed a large bump across her tummy.

Petra, age 23, and James Stunt, her husband, were photographed together shopping in Beverly Hills at the designer children’s store Bel Bambini.

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Beyonce first baby photo

The daughter of Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z was born in January and is named Blue Ivy Carter, and has been described as a very beautiful child.

The baby was revealed in photos by Ty Hunter, the stylist, and has been described as a happy and calm baby who looks very much like her father.

When the baby was born last month the famous couple both described the experience

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Hugh Grant facing baby registration fine

It is potentially a criminal offence not to register within 42 days a childs birth. Hugh Grant has recently become a father and is facing a fine after he failed to register his newly born son within the 42 day limit. The actor has had the child with his former girlfriend, Tonglan Hong, a Chinese actress.

It has just recently passed the 45 day mark since the

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