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Brits have a lot more freedom over their children’s names than in other countries

Children’s names have been making the news lately, as parents are getting more and more original every day. However, while some celebrities may think that names like Apple, Fifi, and Brooklyn are original there are some everyday parents that are a lot more inventive, or crazy depending on which side of the spectrum you sit on.

In Iceland a 15 year old girl has just legally won

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Maternity leave rights

Congratulations! You are expecting your first child, and like many new mums, you have so much to think about. Among the more exciting thoughts; what is the sex of the baby, how to decorate the nursery and what clothes and accessories to buy. Of course, you’ll also be proactive in making sure you and your baby are as healthy as possible.

Saying healthy during your pregnancy means

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Unmarried mothers do not have to identify father

Ministers have abandoned a plan that would require unmarried mothers to name the identity of the father of their baby.

The new rules leave loopholes that allow months to refuse identifying the father, which frees the father from being forced to pay child maintenance.

The Government has decided to abandon a proposal that would force men to take a paternity test if there is any dispute about who

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Two police officers under investigation for that serious crime….babysitting

Two police officers are having their conduct reviewed by the Government, surprisingly for the offence of babysitting each other children, a task they have been told they must discontinue, unless they want to face prosecution.

The Milton Keynes Detective Constable Leanne Shepherd was told by Ofsted, that she had an ‘illegal’ agreement with another officer, DC Lucy Jarrett.

Both 32 year old women have watched each other’s daughters

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