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If your friends and family have had enough of the baby talk, then why not get online, and check out our blog, where you can indulge in all things ‘baby’ to your heart’s content. Our baby blog has useful guides to different baby products, dealing with pregnancy issues and looking after baby when it’s born. You’ll find parenting blogs, gossip on celebrity babies, and lots of

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Skin to skin contact said to cut premature birth deaths

Premature birth death and disability rates could be cut significantly across the globe simply by mothers carrying their babies’ skin-to-skin according to a leader expert in premature care. Professor Joy Lawn stated that skin to skin contact, also known as kangaroo care, is the key to helping a premature baby grow instead of expensive intensive treatment.

Every year an estimated 15 million babies around the globe are

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Saving money on your energy bills all year round


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Nobody likes receiving their energy bills, but the ones after the winter quarter are the most dreaded. Even if you are on a fixed monthly amount, with the arrival of spring too many of find that our payments are going up due to keeping

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Pregnant women warned of plastic packaging

Pregnant women should avoid eating food that has been heated or reheated in plastic containers, and drinking from water bottles that have sweltered in the sun. That suggestion comes from the results of yet another study about the possible effects of the chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) that is present in a great many manufactured products including food and beverage cans and containers.

The most recent study, conducted by

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Deaths of premature babies can be avoided with correct procedures

Over 20 million babies are born prematurely, every year, and others have a low birth weight. About 450 of these die every hour. By simply keeping the babies warm, most of these deaths can be avoided. Jayalakshmi Devi said that her baby can only whimper, when other babies can be heard screaming from across the hallway.

She says this outside the ICU where her son is kept

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The not so hard and fast rules of parenting

When you are parenting your children there are no rules that you can follow. You are the one who has to come up with ways to raise your child to be a good person. Many people rely on some general parenting tips, but it is evident that this can only be achieved by suing unique methods which are determined by the age, gender, and attitude of

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Babies who leave the breast earlier could be more prone to Type 1 diabetes

New research suggests that children that are weaned from breast milk after just six months are much more likely to suffer from Type 1 diabetes compared to children that are allowed to breastfeed for a year. Interestingly enough, exposure to solids at the wrong time either before or after six months has also been linked to an increase in Type 1 diabetes.

New research has found that

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How a simple test can save babies lives

How a simple test can save babies lives

Within hours of him being born, Ralf Jones was displaying all the signs of a life threatening infection. He twice stopped breathing as well as having 2 seizures. Baby Ralf had developed the strain of meningitis caused by the Group B Strep infection. Thankfully, he has now recovered but the GBS has left its mark,

The sad fact is

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The great pocket money debate

Parents of kids in the age range of about eight to sixteen might find themselves at a loss (literally) if they’re trying to keep up with the Jones in terms of how much pocket money they give their kids and what sort of control they exercise over how it’s spent. There are quite a few different opinions on the subject, ranging from one extreme to the

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Has Harry revealed the sex of the Royal baby?

The smart bet so far has been on the rumour that Kate and William are having a girl, but the Sunday People has stated that Prince Harry is telling people that are close to him that they are going to have a boy. The Prince is said to be very excited about being an uncle and could not keep the secret of the child’s sex.

The Duchess

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Reese Witherspoon loses friends due to post baby memory loss

Reese Witherspoon is said to be slowly losing friendships as a result of the memory loss that she suffered after she had her youngest child. The actress has two children, Deacon and Ava, from ex-husband Ryan Phillippe and last year she welcomed another child named Tennessee with her current husband Jim Toth.

The 37 year old admitted that it can be hard to keep up with three

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